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Three Lessons I learned from The Art of Social Media

If you’ve just stumbled upon this blog post, you should read my review on the book The Art of Social Media before reading this post! The book The Art of Social Media is filled with various tips and tricks to help content creators improve their social media presence. I learnt so many valuable tips and tricks from this book but I’ve narrowed it down to three major lessons I took away from this book.

  1. Always Be Professional and Treat Your Social Media Presence Like a Business 

Because social media platforms are used for personal and business use, its easy to stray away and forget that you are using it to run a business. Take it seriously, post content that you can benefit from, interact in a professional manner and post content that is relevant to the people you want to connect with! Of course its beneficial to interact with people on a personal level throughout your social media platforms, but always keep in mind that whatever you post and however you interact will always reflect you and your social media presence.

2) Stay on Track and Give Users Content They Want To See 

No one wants to see another political rant on why you CANNOT tolerate Donald Trump. Now, I’m not saying you should never post any opinionated posts or articles, but just be mindful about WHAT you might have an opinion on. Give your opinion on things that matter and things that will benefit you and your social media presence. For example, if you want to establish yourself as an Android expert, give your opinion on the latest Android release and why you think its good or not!

3. Use All of Your Platforms To Promote YOURSELF

If you have 2 or 3 different social media accounts- use these to your own advantage! If you post a new blog post, advertise it in an instagram story, put the link to the new post in your bio for your instagram account, tweet the link to your new blog post on your Twitter account. Always take advantage of all of your social media platforms to promote yourself! You might have different followers on each of these accounts and by using your various accounts to promote yourself you will gain more traffic to each of your platforms!

As Guy Kawasaki stated multiple times in The Art Of Social Media, these are just TIPS and TRICKS, different things work for different people. These three lessons I’ve stated above are what I believe will work for ME however this may be different for you! Of course, theres no harm in trying them! Social media is all about trial and error, and finding what works best for you!

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