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My Grandbend Weekend!

outdoor blogI am writing my first ever blog post sitting next to the love of my life in a beautiful backyard with the sun shining down on me and birds chirping in the background. I can’t help but feel blessed and genuinely happy with myself, my life, and the experiences I have just had and shared with some of my best friends over this past weekend!


It’s May 2-4 long weekend, which in Canada, is basically just an excuse to drink A LOT and enjoy the first long weekend of our LONG AWAITED summer. 24Steve (my boyfriend) and I decided to head up to my Aunt’s cottage in Grandbend for the long weekend with my sister, her boyfriend, and a few of our friends who we were to meet there. I originally had to work Friday night until 11pm, so our weekend wouldn’t start until early Saturday morning, but thanks to a nice boss… I got to leave at 8pm!

  popcorneditI got home from work to an amazing surprise from Steve! Our anniversary is coming up next week and he wanted to give me my present early.  A few months ago, I was searching online for a new purse and came across a Limited Edition Kate Spade bag that had popcorn on it! If you know me, you know I have a HUGE obsession with popcorn, so I obviously wanted this bag SO badly! It was a little pricey though so I made sure to bookmark the website I found it on, and figured I would just go back to the website later when I had a few extra bucks! I told Steve about the bag because he knows my obsession with popcorn VERY well, and he bought it right away and kept it a secret until now! I was so happy and so surprised! It was such a great treat to come home to after work. Definitely started the weekend off on a great note!

Right after opening my gift, I transferred my wallet and other essential belongings into my new bag (yay!) and we headed out the door to get to the cottage in Grandbend as quickly as possible! It is about a three hour drive from where we live and it’s mostly back roads so the ride felt VERY long, BUT we stopped at McDonalds on the way and treated ourselves to some fruit smoothies and Chicken Nuggets (what a combo!) to keep us going for the drive. After three hours, and Steve telling me to be quiet at LEAST three times… (apparently I talk A LOT about pointless things) we arrived at our destination! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


After such a cold and long winter, it felt so good to be somewhere that reminded me so much of summer and all of the fun things that come along with it! Let me introduce you to Grand Bend and what it is all about. During the day, Grand Bend is 30 miles of continuous beautiful beaches, with an amazing strip filled with clothing stores, jewelry shops and any kind of food you could ever imagine. Grand Bend is also known for having the most incredible sunsets over the water, it really is an incredible thing to see! But once the sun goes down, Grand Bend turns into party central! If you watch MTV Canada, you maybe would have seen a show called Grand Benders. This show is about a bar in Grand Bend called CoCos, and follows the lives of the owners of the bar and how they run their facility. If you want to know more about the Grand Bend night life, I suggest watching an episode or two. You will be able to see right away how much fun it is there! I highly recommend going! (Click HERE To View The Grandbenders Trailer)

So back to our weekend away! Once we arrived at the cottage,  we ended up going straight to bed because we were so exhausted from our long days of work and the long drive in the car. The next morning we went out for breakfast with my sister and her boyfriend at the cutest little restaurant by the beach. It was delicious and a perfect start to the day. After breakfast, a couple of our friends drove up on their motorcycle to visit and hangout with us for the day. The weather wasn’t the greatest… it was really cold and gloomy so we spent the afternoon walking in all of the little shops on the strip and having a few drinks together in the backyard. It was such a great, relaxing day and we had so much fun even though the weather wasn’t as great as we expected it to be!

IMG_6726  DSC_0155

By dinner time the skies had cleared up a little so we went to a outdoor patio restaurant on the beach called Gators.  I got the BEST salad I think I have ever had. It was a pear and goat cheese salad with pecans on top, and a salmon fillet on the side… It was HEAVEN!  gators salad This restaurant is really great because aside from the amazing beach view on their patio, it has an ENDLESS amount of drink options. They have a whole menu dedicated to mixed drinks using Somersby Hard Cider and different liquors to create the perfect summer drinks. I ordered the Tropical Summer, which was Somersby with Peach Schnapps and Triple Sec, it was SO delicious and fruity… perfect for summer! Screenshot (46) ed

So that basically sums up our day at the cottage! It was a very short and sweet visit because the weather was so gloomy. We ended up leaving on Sunday morning and spending Sunday afternoon and Monday at home. The hot and sunny weather at home was so much better than the gloomy cottage weather, so it was nice to get home and be able to spend at least SOME of the weekend in the heat! The short trip was definitely worth it since I got to spend the day with my sister and all of our friends. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me! I am sure it will just be filled with more adventures and fun things happening every weekend so I will definitely keep you guys posted.

– Keer xo


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  1. Yummy! I’m going to try that salad next time I’m at Gators! For those that don’t go to Grand Bend it has some of the most beautiful sunsets in Ontario! Check it out!


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