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Poltergeist, Lunch with Mom and Dad & Drinks at the Porch!


Sometimes, the best weekends are the ones that aren’t planned! Despite it being our anniversary weekend, Steve and I didn’t really have any SET plans. Friday night we went to see the movie Poltergeist with some friends and I have to say I was really disappointed with the movie. First of all, taking me to a scary movie is a complete waste of money and my time. I literally sit there with my jacket over my face and ask Steve every two seconds what’s happening. But, everyone else wanted to see it so I sat in fear for two hours for them. I notice that parts of the movie I DID watch seemed very familiar though. The story line was almost IDENTICAL to the Insidious story line and it just seemed odd to me that they would make a movie so similar to Insidious when Insidious Chapter 3 is coming out in a couple of weeks! maxresdefault

Saturday was a very busy and productive day. I started my morning off with a run… running has become a new hobby of mine, and I am currently training to run a half-marathon in September (wish me luck)! Then after getting ready (and changing my outfit about twenty times… sorry Steve!) we were ready for the day. Our plan was to meet my sister and her boyfriend IMG_6798downtown Toronto at some point in the day, but for the afternoon we just wanted to relax. My parents called us wondering if we wanted to go for lunch with them in a small town near us called Port Perry. If you live in the GTA, or the Durham Region, I highly recommend going to Port Perry at least once this summer! It is a beautiful, small town right on Lake Scugog and there are tons of little restaurants and shops along the strip there.It was a beautiful day, and we ended up arriving before my parents so we went for a walk along the marina and to a cute little park we hadn’t seen before. This park was like DOG HEAVEN! There were so many cute dogs running around, and even swimming in the lake! I love all dogs so this was such a treat for us to see. We met two BEAUTIFUL English Bulldogs who were so friendly and just wanted to hangout with us while we sat on a bench watching them. It was probably the cutest thing ever and totally made my day!

We ended up going out for lunch at a restaurant in Port Perry called Jester’s Court. This is one of our favourite places to eat in the summer! The restaurant looks like an old Victorian house and some say its even haunted (the bathrooms upstairs in particular), so whenever I go there I try not to drink too much because I DO NOT want to witness any ghost encounters! The patio, however, is very very nice and their food is AMAZING. I had a Thai Salmon Salad which was HEAVENLY and of course, a Somersby to go along with it!

IMG_6835After a late lunch, we decided to head into the great city of Toronto. Our plan was to meet my sister Tarra, her boyfriend Brandon, and a couple of our other friends at this rooftop patio called The Porch. Now, if you have never been to The Porch before, YOU HAVE TO GO THIS SUMMER! It is a beautiful rooftop patio overlooking the city and has an absolutely spectacular view of the CN Tower. The food there is amazing and the atmosphere is just so great! Their margaritas also come in plastic sand buckets, so you really get that summer, beach feel while you are there. It was a little chilli, but the patio had heaters spread out so everywhere you went you were still toasty warm! It was such a fun night and was so nice to catch up with friends and just relax OUTSIDE. It’s been such a long winter so we really need to take advantage of the summer while its here, because unfortunately like everything else it goes by super fast and before we know it, it’ll be fall again! So get outside and explore Toronto while you can, and DEFINITELY check out The Porch for a relaxing night with a beautiful view! 11018057_1445126609137117_4837797540558011652_n


Sunday was an interesting day! A few months ago, my grandmas brother passed away, and instead of having a funeral for him, his family decided to wait a couple of weeks and have a memorial service for him. It was held at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario and am I ever glad we ended up going there! After the memorial service had finished, Steve and I took the time to go out and explore the grounds! There is 27km of gardens and trails located on the property, and with me being in heels there was NO way I was able to go on any of the trails, but we stayed close to the main building and just explored a little bit. None of the flowers were in bloom yet, as it’s not even June yet, but there were still some beautiful areas and we were able to take some cute pictures and vowed to go back at some point this summer. So definitely look out for that blog post in the future!


So thats about it for low-key weekend, turned exciting! its so important to spend as much time as possible doing fun things on the weekends! Especially in the summer! Steve and I both work full-time during the week so our weekdays are pretty uneventful. The next big thing we have coming up is our road trip to Nashville! I will definitely be blogging as much as possible throughout that trip and hopefully getting some great footage for a Vlog as well, so stay tuned for that!

I hope you have a great day!

-Keer xo



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