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The Journey To Australia- Surfers Paradise!

Hey Everyone!

I am happy to say that I have finally arrived safely in Australia! It was definitely an eventful journey to get here, three different plane rides (two of which were DELAYED), and one long car ride later and we finally arrived in Surfers Paradise located on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia! The plane ride in wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. We flew from Toronto to San Francisco , San Francisco to Sydney and then Sydney to Brisbane. Our flight from San Francisco to Sydney was 16 hours long but the plane was SO comfortable! It was so big and the seats were so comfortable. We also flew in the middle of the night which was perfect because by the time I got on the plane, I was so exhausted I ate dinner and passed out for 6 hours! I had a window seat so I just curled up in a little ball against the window and made myself feel at home! The ride was so smooth and I had my very own tv screen with an endless amount of movies so that kept me company when I woke up from my sleep!

The Gold Coast is absolutely beautiful! Its so weird because I do not feel like I am on the complete other side of the world. It feels so summery that it almost feels like I am somewhere tropical instead! We have had incredible weather so far with it being winter here and everything and everyone is SO friendly!

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Things I’ve learned so far about australia…

1) DONT plug a canadian straightener in, even if you have a converter AND adapter… it will STILL blow up (RIP GHD straightener)

2) They have the weirdest birds here EVER…11800623_10153067527573553_5247291466268954261_n

OH and if you wake up early you can hear the kookaburrows singing… they sound exactly like monkeys! The first time I heard it I actually thought there were monkeys outside my window!(


3. You can’t just order a coffee here.. Aussies are VERY serious about their coffee!!! To order a Black coffee you have to say a ‘long black’ or to order a coffee with milk you have to say LATTE or they will have no idea what you are talking about.

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Steve and I were up at 5am the first day because of the time change and witnessed the most amazing sunrise! Our hotel room is all windows and faces the ocean where the sun rises so  we opened all the blinds and just watched the sun come up.. it was so beautiful! I have never witnessed such an ORANGE sky before and the pictures don’t even do it justice!


11224204_10153066908218553_2780854592016668943_nSteve and his dad went off to work during the day, so Steves mom and I set off into town to do some exploring and shopping! My first stop was the pharmacy to buy a new straightener! I was lucky enough to find a travel sized one for under $50. I tried it out tonight and it isn’t too bad. It does the job, just takes double the time because of how small it is!

We also did an Aqua Duck tour! This tour was a lot of fun! You start off on land in this huge bus that is literally shaped like a duck! It took us around the town and showed us all the hot spots! Then we drove down to the marina and went down the ramp and with one giant splash we were in the water! It was SUCH a beautiful tour!

We drove by this island where Johnny Depp had just finished filming a few scenes from the new Pirates of The Caribbean movie!

The tour guide told us that they had put a bunch of palm trees up all along the island and really made it look like an actual island.. not just the patch of grass it looks like there! We also drove into this little cove with so many amazing beach houses! They were all over 10 million dollars and some of them even had helicopter landing pads in the back! So crazy!

After our tour, we had lunch on a patio overlooking the ocean and then walked along the beach and put our toes in the water! It was such a great, relaxing day.

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The food here is INCREDIBLE and surprisingly extremely healthy, I have not had a bad meal yet!

Im still suffering from a little bit of jet lag and not feeling too hot so it was the perfect day to just take it easy and do a little bit of exploring!

On day two of Surfers Paradise, Steve and I woke up at the crack of dawn  so we could spend some time together before he had to go off to work for the day. We decided to rent bicycles the hotel had and rode our bikes towards the ocean to watch the sunrise. It really was amazing and such a beautiful sight to see. We arrived at the ocean just in time for the sun to peak up along the horizon and what a beautiful sight it was! It is definitely a memory I will have forever, and I am so glad Steve and I got to share that special moment together before he headed to work.





The rest of the day was spent shopping and relaxing before heading to the airport and getting on a flight to Sydney!

I am SO excited to see Sydney and all of the beautiful sights it has to offer!

I’ll definitely keep you guys updated along the way.

If you have ever been to sydney and know of any great places to see, please comment below!

– Keer xo


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