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Hunting For The Perfect Puppy

hey guys,
I haven’t posted in a while and I’m terribly sorry but not much has gone on other than Steve and I have been puppy hunting! Now, I know I mentioned in my last post that Steve and I were getting a dog, but when I posted that, I thought for sure we’d have a dog like within a few days! I never realized how hard it is to look for a puppy, especially a French bulldog. Going into this hunt, I thought it would be as easy as going online and finding an ad then going to pick up the puppy and voila, he’s mine! But it’s a lot more complicated than that. French Bulldogs are a very popular breed, and a very expensive breed. Frenchies are in such high demand that any reputible breeder in the Toronto area has a huge waiting list!  So we’ve put our names on every waiting list in the city and are just waiting to hear back from them!

We have gone to visit a few breeders and I have fallen in love with one puppy that is only 4 weeks old! The only issue is he is so little right now so it’s so hard to tell how his personality will be and what he will look like when he is a little bit older. Steve and I stopped by on Saturday to meet him and i think we are going to drive up again on Friday to visit him again and make a final decision!

Another thing I realized about shopping for a Frenchie, was how many scams there are! Not only scams but a lot of ‘breeders’ are flying in their puppies from overseas. I almost actually bought one from overseas not realizing that it may have come from a puppy mill or an unregistered breeder. With this type of dog, you have to be so careful with where you get him or her from. Because French Bulldogs have so many health problems, you really need to make sure it is coming from a good breeder and that you can meet both the parents before committing to one! If you meet both the parents, and they both seem healthy and happy, then that’s a very good sign that your bulldog will also be healthy and happy!

The plus side of this long process is obviously that I’ve been able to see and play with so many French Bulldogs! It’s been so fun seeing and interacting with them. After interacting with a few puppies and adult dogs, I am definitely confident that this is the breed I want!

I mean, how could you say no to these faces?!


So PLEASE wish me luck on my hunt for the perfect Frenchie! And if you own a Frenchie please share pictures and your experience with finding yours in the comments below! Also, if you bought your Frenchie in Ontario, PLEASE let me know where you bought him from!

– Keer xo

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1 Comment on Hunting For The Perfect Puppy

  1. rachelschoutsen // August 19, 2015 at 12:54 am // Reply

    This breed is incredibly cute !!! I hope you find one soon 🙂


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