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I wanted to write a post about cleansing because I know many people are skeptical on Juice Cleanses and how they work. This is my 4th juice cleanse and I absolutely love doing them. While on the cleanse, MOST OF THE TIME I feel extremely energetic and happy, but there are some moments throughout the cleanse where I want to give up or don’t think I can finish it, and that is totally normal. Every cleanse I have done, has been with the company Total Cleanse. They are located downtown Toronto and you have the option to either pick your juices up from their location at Dovercourt & Dufferin, or they can deliver the juices right to your house for a delivery fee. Make sure you check their website to see where they deliver because there are certain areas they will not deliver to. My first cleanse I did with them, they had no problem delivering to my house, but since then they have changed their delivery area and will no longer deliver to my house, so I had to go pick them up… which wasn’t a problem at all because Steve and I made a day out of it and spent the afternoon exploring the city, which was really fun!

Anyways, back on track!

How the cleanse works is you drink 6 juices a day and consume absolutely NO FOOD. It is important that you stick to just the juices in order to receive the best results from your cleanse! Remember, the point of a cleanse is to give your digestive system a well deserved break from solid foods and to rejuvenate your body and your digestive system! There are a few pre-made cleanses available for you to try, but if those cleanses don’t appeal to you, you can make your own cleanse with the juices you think you will like the most. I have tried the ‘Purify’ cleanse before, which is their most intense cleanse and I absolutely loved it! I got amazing results and felt great the whole time. The only thing I had trouble with was drinking the 4 green juices everyday. It was just boring drinking the same juice over and over again, so for this cleanse I decided to do something similar, although instead of drinking 4 green juices, I am only drinking 3 and substituted one of the green juices for a ‘Very Berry’ juice instead – which is my absolute favourite juice so it was worth it!

I am doing a four day cleanse this time around, which will be a little bit more difficult for me because I have always just done three days! The reason I decided to do four days this time was because Total Cleanse had a promotion on where if you bought any cleanse they would give you an extra day for free! Which is an absolutely AMAZING deal and I couldn’t pass it up! Plus, with Nashville coming up next week (Yay!) and my trip to Australia coming up in a few weeks (Yay Yay!!), I figured the extra day of juices would be very good for me!

I decided I would post a little bit about how I am feeling everyday and my results including my weight! Today is day one and unfortunately I was running around all morning so I was unable to weigh myself however I am assuming I am around 135lbs as that’s how much I weighed last week! So far today I have drank the ‘Very Berry’ juice and one ‘Green Energy’ juice! Its only about 12:30pm right now and I am working 3pm-11pm. Its important for me to spread my juices out as much as possible because my day technically hasn’t even started yet and I need to make sure I am spreading my juices out long enough to last me until 11pm tonight!

I thought I would spend a few minutes introducing each juice to you and the benefits that come along with each one! So let’s jump into it!

Green Energy

GreenPersonally, I think this juice is the most important juice you will encounter on your juice cleanse! It is filled with anti-oxidizing ingredients such as Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Lettuce, Apple, Parsley and Lemon. This juice will give you all of the energy you need to get through your day and also works to detoxify your body and clean your digestive system right out! Each ingredient in this drink is crucial to helping you achieve the best results on your juice cleanse. The cucumbers are extremely good for your skin and are also high in potassium, magnesium and fibre which can also help control your blood pressure. This juice has a very strong and potent taste and If you are not a fan of all things green, you might have trouble getting this juice down at first. I remember the first cleanse I ever did, I would gag on every sip trying to get this juice down! But after the first day, I became addicted to the taste! Now I can drink them without any problems and actually ENJOY drinking them! I think its the colour that put me off rather than the taste.

Creamy Cashew

CashewThis juice is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE and tastes SOOOO good. It’s extremely smooth and creamy and tastes almost like a vanilla milk. This juice is meant to be drank right before bed time. It’s ingredients are perfect for right before bedtime because this juice is packed with the most calories out of any of the other juices. This will fill you up and help you achieve a better sleep at night! The cashews are packed with healthy fats and also rich in protein and fibre. They are also filled with antioxidants which help support a healthy immune system! So not only does it taste HEAVENLY, it has some major benefits for your body!

Lemon Rush

LemonLemon Rush is also another one of my favourites, its sweet and spicy at the same time! It includes lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and filtered water. You would think this is such a strange mixture and would taste so funny but its actually VERY good! The cayenne pepper has many cardiovascular benefits and is great for raising your metabolism and helping your digestive system! The maple syrup makes the juice taste very sweet, and provides you with a ton of natural energies to help you get through your day! This juice is perfect to drink right in the middle of your day. The lemon and filtered water will help keep you hydrated and the maple syrup and cayenne pepper will help give you that energy boost to get you through the afternoon! So screw coffee! Who needs it when you can have the Lemon Rush juice instead!

Very Berry

StrawberryThis juice is absolutely delicious! I choose to drink it right when I wake up in the morning because it tastes the most to me like something I would have in the morning for breakfast. Its ingredients include strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, apples and lemon! Every ingredient in this juice is an antioxidant. This juice is packed with Vitamin C, and will work wonders on your digestive system! I do warn you though, this juice acts as a natural laxative, so be prepared for what comes once you have finished drinking it!

I hope I have explained each juice well enough for you guys! If you have any other questions about the juices or how a juice cleanse work, please comment on this post! You can also check out the Total Cleanse website or shoot them an email whenever you have any questions. They respond almost instantly and have an answer for literally everything!

I will keep you guys posted on how I am feeling throughout the next couple of days,

thanks for checking in,


– Keer xo

Day 1- 12:00am

So I just completed day one, and I have to tell you I am so happy to be lying in my bed right now. Today was actually REALLY rough! I don’t know if it was because it’s MONDAY and because its raining outside but I was just physically and emotionally exhausted. I’m sure only drinking juice all day did not help but hey…. It’s all worth it in the end, right? I’m also ending the day with a big headache! It’s so strange, ive never felt this bad on a first day before! I even caught myself thinking that maybe I should give up and retry my cleanse AFTER my Nashville trip… But that’s not going to happen. I’m going to push my way through it!  I am HOPING and PRAYING tomorrow is better! Wish me luck 😦

Day 2 – 12:30am


This is me kissing my last bottle of juice goodbyeeeeeee at the end of day 2! Today was MUCH better than yesterday! I had absolutely no problems drinking any of the juices today and wasn’t even hungry throughout the day! My energy was AVERAGE.. I wasn’t bouncing off the walls but I wasn’t dragging my feet all day either! Overall, it was a great day! One thing I am feeling is BORED… and its not the juices I’m bored of, its the fact that I feel like I do absolutely nothing before work now. I am so used to waking up and heading to the gym, or heading outside for a run, and because while on the juice cleanse it is recommended you don’t do any physical activity, I have just been sitting on my butt all morning before work. It’s great in some ways because I am able to pack and get things ready for my trip to Nashville in 3 days, but I did most of that stuff yesterday.. so this morning I found myself just lying in bed staring at the clock all morning. I need to be more productive with my mornings! I think tomorrow morning I’m going to try and run some errands before work….Anything to get me up and motivated for the day!  I also weighed myself this morning and the scale said 132.4.. So assuming I weighed 135 before beginning the cleanse, I am down 2.6 lbs so far, which is great! I feel amazing and I’m so happy I didn’t give up yesterday when I wanted too! EXCITED to see what day 3 has in store for me! xx

-Keer, xo

Day 3- 12:30am


So day three was a HUGE success!! First of all, I weighed in at 130.2lbs… which is AMAZING! Not only that, I woke up feeling incredibly energized! I got right out of bed and headed to the mall for a mini little shopping spree for myself! I picked up some shorts and tank tops for my Nashville trip! It felt nice to go shopping and feel pretty confident in what I was buying so that was a plus! Tomorrow is day 4 and the last day! I can’t wait to get started and see what my final results are, but at the same time I don’t MISS food! I am not having any cravings and not having any hunger pains! I actually feel FULL most of the day, its so crazy! Anyways, I am SO ready for bed! Ill update you guys tomorrow night!

-Keer xo
day 4- 11:00am!

Good morning lovely bloggers! It’s 11am and I just weighed in. I am the same weight as yesterday, which im totally okay with. I’m so happy to be on my last day, it feels like such an accomplishment To have gone this far without thinking about food or getting hungry!!

1:07am- HEY GUYS! I was going to save this little update until the morning but I can’t sleep so I figured I’ll just update you now on how I’m feeling. Oh my goodness, I FEEL AMAZING! I am so ready to head to Nashville and have the best vacation ever! I am a little nervous about starting to eat regular food again tomorrow.. I have been thinking all day about what I should eat and I’ve decided to just stick to mainly fruits and vegetables! I don’t want to shock my system by going into eating heavy big meals right away, I feel like I need to be extra careful especially with the trip coming up so soon, I don’t want to risk anything and end up getting sick because I over did it! I am so thrilled to be COMPLETELY FINISHED.. although I was very sad while drinking my Cashew Milk at the end of the night because it is my absolute FAVOURITE and I’m going to miss it so much!  I’ll let you guys know in the morning what my final weight was and how I am feeling when I wake up. Night night lovelys!

Day 5- morning

Hey guys,

So I just woke up and weighed myself and I’m 129.2, so I ended up losing about 6lbs which is great! I feel really good and energized! I am ready to take on Nashville!! I am going to try and be extra careful with what I eat today, I just had a banana for breakfast and I think i will have salads for both lunch and dinner. Its important for me to just ease my way back into big meals because I don’t want to scare my body!


Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this long post! I hope you learned a thing or two about juice cleanses and how they work. I’m just going to spend the rest of my morning packing as I leave for my road trip really early tomorrow morning. I really wanted to show you guys all the outfits and stuff I’m bringing but there really just wasn’t enough time so I think while I am there I will take some pictures of my outfits and hopefully do a Nashville Lookbook post when I get back! I’ll be posting the whole time I am away so keep your eyes open,


Disclaimer: I do not work for Total Cleanse, nor do I have any affiliation with the company. I did this cleanse on my own free will and am posting a blog about it because I really just wanted to share my experiences with you guys! If you have any further questions about cleansing, please head to their website to get some more information,


– Keer xo

PS- If you decide to do a cleanse based on my review, PLEASE comment below. I would love to hear about your experiences and be your cheerleader along the way!

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  1. Hey Keer! Good read and insight.
    were you not the grouchiest panda of life? And are these juices backed by nutritionists?


    • Hey love ! I was not grouchy at all. I have to admit the first day was a little rough but honestly the rest of the time I wasn’t even hungry or thinking of food. yes these juices are backed by nutritionists. One of the owners of the company designed everything with the help of Nutritionists !


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