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First Stop, Louisville ! 

Our roadtrip adventure has finally begun and I couldn’t be more excited! Yesterday was solely a travel day… A lot of driving, eating. swearing at each other and sleeping. All in all, it went better than I expected but what’s a road trip without a few bumps in the road, am I right? Our friend Steph arrived bright and early and We left home Saturday morning at 5am.  With Steve and I going to bed after midnight the night before, we were both exhausted but Steve was a trooper and drove (while I slept) and we were off to a good start! We had plenty of snacks in the car so breakfast was a KIND bar and a McDonald’s Strawberry banana smoothie! I’m trying to keep it somewhat healthy at least until we get to Nashville, still recovering from the juice cleanse so I don’t want to completely blow my results! We made it to the Windsor/Detroit border with only 2 stops to pee (sorry Steve, I have a small bladder) and we met up with our friends Mike and Teresa who are joining us for the week. After getting through the border with no issues, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch! Growing up, my parents would always stop at Cracker Barrel at least once on our long drives to Florida and I remember loving it! This time, was pretty disappointing! Everyone ordered breakfast but me and it just wasn’t anything to get excited for! I ordered a salad with apples, cranberries, chicken, tomatoes and it came with half a muffin! It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible either! After lunch, we drove about 4 hours and stopped just out of Cincinnati, Ohio at a rest stop! We all changed into shorts because it is much hotter here then it is at home and tossed the frisbee around a little bit and went for a walk Just to stretch our feet out a bit!

Once we got into Kentucky we got to see the beautiful hills! This is always my favourite part of the drive to Florida! It’s just so beautiful and such a nice change of scenery from the flat lands of Ontario ha! We arrived at our hotel at around 6pm, tired hungry and ready to wind down. Unfortunately, we were NOT able to do that. We knew our hotel wouldn’t be anything special because we booked something with the leftover money we had from the house in Nashville! We knew we would only be here in Louisville for two nights so we just wanted something where we fouls sleep and shower and be safe. When we pulled up, we knew right away it was a lot worse than we expected. We walked to the front counter and after checking in, the receptionist said ‘oh by the way, there are a some bikers staying here. They like to stay up all night partying and will be pretty loud.’ I asked her how many bikers there were and she said ‘A LOT’. We parked the car anyways and went up to our room and honestly, I have never seen such a disgusting hotel room before. It was dirty, there were holes in the walls and doors kicked in and there wasn’t even enough beds for all of us! We decided to call and see if we could get a room somewhere else as soon as possible. Luckily, the woman from understood our situation, gave us a full refund and set us up at a new hotel right away. We all had to pitch in an additional $30 for the upgrade but it was well worth it. (See Video At Bottom For a Look)

The hotel we are at now is much nicer with lots of room for all of us! It even has a pool and a gym which is where I am writing this post from right now!! After checking into the hotel, we decided to go downtown for something to eat! We found a nice restaurant with a live band and a patio which was perfect for what we were feeling like! The menu was very southern and Mexican expired but everything looked incredible. I decided to go with the Caesar Salad which came with Avocado on top as well, it was delicious! I also got one chicken taco and I have to say it was the best taco i’ve ever had!

After eating, we asked out waiter where the best place to go to for nightlife was! He pointed us toward Fourth street and we were pleasantly surprised! It looks like a smaller, tamer version of Fremont Street in Las Vegas! I wish we weren’t so tired so we could actually stay out and enjoy the night life but we were so exhausted we walked around and took some pictures and then headed back to the hotel.

Right now I’m just at the gym and then this afternoon we are going Ziplining through caverns! I’ll explain more in my post about it but it should be so so fun! Steves afraid of heights so he’s pretty nervous but it will be so fun! Tomorrow we head to NASHVILLE! I am so so excited. The weather there doesn’t look too great so I’m hoping it changes but we will see. Wish me luck zip lining! I’ll check in soon

-Keer xo


Hotel Video

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