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Hey guys! 


So it’s been a few weeks since I updated you on my puppy hunt and I am thrilled to say I have wonderful news! Steve and I went back to visit the same puppies as I mentioned earlier, and I fell in love all over again! The puppy is now 7 weeks old and such a little cutie! We decided to put a deposit on him, which means we are one step closer to me actually having my very own frenchie, I can’t even believe it !! 

Now, I’ve always wanted to call my French bulldog Frankie. Ive said that as soon as I get one that is 100 percent going to be his name, but the breeder has been calling him Henry since he was born and every time I have been in contact with the breeder and when I went to visit him, we always referred to him as Henry so I’m just going to keep that name! It’s still such an adorable name and not a very popular name for a dog so It’s perfect. 
I am so excited to take him home! The only issue is he pretty small compared to some of his brothers and sisters, so the breeder wants to wait a little bit longer before giving him to me so he has more time to grow! This means I probably won’t get him for another few weeks and the anticipation is killing me! 

We are slowly preparing by getting a few things here and there. We recently purchased a crate, along with a few toys, a food and water bowl, and a collar and leash! I honestly cannot wait to pick him up. It’s been a dream of mine to own a French bulldog ever since I can remember, and anyone who knows me knows that! 

   I’ve never owned a dog before, so I am open to any tips you guys might have for training him! I have heard that French Bulldogs can be very stubborn and are extremely hard to train, so I think I’ll need as much help as I can get! I’ve been researching online and making notes so hopefully that can help me out a little bit! 
Another thing I’ve been wanting to ask you guys is how you feel about feeding a dog raw meat. I’ve spoken to MANY French bulldog owners who say that they ONLY feed their Bulldogs raw and that it’s the healthiest and safest because bulldogs have so many health problems! If you have a French bulldog I would love to hear your opinion on this! 

I can’t wait to take him home and spoil him rotten! I’ll be posting many videos and photos of him in the weeks to come so keep your eyes open for that! 

If you live in the Toronto area and own a French bulldog please send me a message! I would love to hear all about him/her. 

Here are a few more pictures of Henry so you can all die from cuteness overload ! 

 -Keer xo

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