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Jawbone Up! fitness tracker review 

This fitness bracelet has become an OBSESSION of mine. I don’t take it off unless I’m about to hop in the shower and I am CONSTANTLY checking the Jawbone Up app to see how I’ve progressed throughout the day with my steps! It’s such an addiction, but a healthy addiction so I’m all for it!

When I first heard of the fitness bracelet, I was very hesitant on trying one. I always thought they were a rip off and a load of crap. Why would you need to track your steps and your sleep everyday? But it has actually been such a big help for me! 

The app is EXTREMELY user friendly! Not only does it track your daily steps and your sleep, it also gives you tips everyday on how you can improve. This is what the main page looks like: 

I work shift work, so every week my shifts are changing and I’m not always great at keeping track of my sleep and how much of it I am getting! But if I wear my bracelet and record every night, at the end of the week the app sends me a notification letting me know how much sleep I got and what I need to improve on. As we know, a good sleep is one of the MAIN ingredients to a happy, healthy lifestyle, which is what I work towards everyday! So it is definitely worth it to keep track of. 

It also gives you a break down of your sleep every night and shows you when you were in a deep sleep, a light sleep or when you were awake and keeps track of your movements throughout the night. Here is an example of what that page looks like! 

The dark blue sections are when I was in a deep sleep, the light blue is when I was in a light sleep and the orange sections are when I was awake. Below the graph is a breakdown of all of that and shows you the exact times you were awake and asleep!

The step page is also really great. I love keeping track of my daily steps and try to reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps. The app is great because it’ll send you notifications throughout the day letting you know if you are getting closer to your goal! It also notified you if it notices you are doing something active and asks you if you would like to log the activity! It keeps track of all the activities you do throughout the week and gives you a fitness summary at the end of the week. Here is a screen shot of the steps page! 

This app is perfect for helping you keep track of your fitness and health goals. We are always trying to improve ourselves and our health and this is a perfect way to keep track of that! You can also input your food intake on the app but personally, I wasn’t impressed with that section. I found it didn’t have the foods I was looking for and was a little confusing to manage. Fortunately, you can sync your MyFitnessPal app with the Jawbone Up app so everything you enter into MyFitnessPal will automatically go into the Jawbone Up app as well.   There are a bunch of other apps that are synced with the Jawbone up app as well! Run Keeper is one of those. If I go for a run and record my results through Run Keeper, they will automatically transfer to the Jawbone App and the calories will adjust accordingly!

This fitness bracelet is great and I highly recommend it. The actual fitness bracelet is slim, light and comes in every colour imaginable! It’s the perfect way to stay on top of your fitness goals and keep up a healthy lifestyle! If you have the Jawbone Up or have any more questions about it please ask me in the comments below! 

Stay Healthy!
Keer xo 

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