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Henry The Ham Update !

Hey Guys,

Its been a while! I bet your DYING to hear about the newest addition to my little family, HENRY the French Bulldog! I introduced you guys to Henry a few posts back when we first got him, but that was about two months ago and things have changed a lot since then! As you probably already know, having a puppy is A LOT of work. Henry needs constant attention but I shouldn’t complain, he has been SO much fun. He has such a great little personality and is SUCH a good dog. We haven’t really had any major issues with him. He is crate trained and FINALLY potty trained. The potty training took a lot longer than i expected and its such a relief that he’s finally going to the bathroom outside. Steve and i were getting so tired of constantly being on edge not knowing when he was going to pee or poop! But we’ve gotten into such a routine now that we almost know exactly when he’s going to have to go outside and he tells us by walking to the back door, its perfect! If you aren’t following him on Instagram yet, PLEASE DO ( @henrythefrenchieee )! We post new pics everyday and he’s getting so popular! Our vet actually had a halloween costume competition and Henry won! We got to take home a huge box of goodies for him which was so nice, everytime we go to the vet all the girls working there just love him! He’s been practicing his tricks too- he can now ‘Sit’ and ‘Give a paw’! Ill upload a video of him doing it.. its so adorable! I love him so much, I couldn’t picture life without him now. He’s become such a huge part of our lives so quickly and i am SO grateful to have him in my life. He’s been so great while I’ve been sick as well, its so weird its like dogs KNOW when their owners aren’t feeling good. He hasn’t really left my side on days I’ve been sick. Doggie cuddles are the best medicine thats for sure! He’s also getting really good at walking on a leash. The weather here has been great lately, so I’ve definitely been taking advantage of it to take him outside and get him familiar with walking outside before the winter comes and we can’t be out as much! As long as he is walking with a stick in his mouth he could go for hours, its so adorable!

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