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Long overdue PUPPY UPDATE! 

Hey guys! 
I write to you today from my backyard where a little baby frenchie is sitting at my feet and nibbling on my toes! Yup, that’s right… I finally got the dog I’ve always wanted ! Now, this post is a little delayed, I really wanted to do a weekly update on how he is and how he is adjusting to our house but things have been SO hectic around here I’m just getting around to writing this how and we have had him for 3 weeks! 

Here he is… Meet Henry! 

    He may be cute but he is a menace, as all puppies are ! 
I never really understood HOW hard it is to have a puppy until the past three weeks. If I didn’t have Steve doing this with me I really don’t think I would’ve been able to get him! He’s a lot of work and needs a lot of attention but he is SO SO SO worth it- I mean how could you say no to this face? 

     Overall, he’s a pretty good puppy but I guess I never realized how long the ‘puppy stage’ actually lasts! I remember thinking when we got him that we would have him potty trained and not chewing on anything in one week and then everything will be easy peazy from there. But no, that is definitely not the case! He’s still so tiny that he can barely hold his bladder for an hour. We’ve gotten in the routine of as soon as he has finished eating or drinking, we go outside RIGHT AWAY. He’s learning very slowly that outside is where he is supposed to go to the bathroom, and every week it gets easier as he grows! 

It has been so fun watching him grow and seeing his features changing. When we first got him he was solid black and white, but as he gets bigger his coat is actually going very brindle! His father is brindle and white and SO adorable so I’m really hoping he turns out just like his father! 

One of the hardest things for us is crate training! He does not like his crate at all, and will not go in it willingly. We usually have to wait till he falls asleep with us and put him in quietly so he doesn’t notice what we are doing haha! During the day, I leave for work at 1:30 and Steve gets home at around 5 so he is alone for a few hours everyday and he’s gotten quite used to it I think! I make sure to tire him out before I go to work and I’m ASSUMING she just sleeps! I really want to try and work on getting him to go into his crate on his own, because soon he’ll be so big I can’t carry him in myself! 

Overall, he has been a blast and hasn’t given us much trouble. If you are looking to get a puppy, please make sure you are ready for this kind of responsibility. Training takes a lot of time and effort, and you need to make sure you are 100 percent committed to training and owning a dog! If you are certain you are ready for this kind of responsibility, definitely get a dog,Because they are wonderful and amazing and so much fun!! 

Check back soon for more updates on Henry as he grows! Also, follow his Instagram account (yes I am one of those people) @henrythefrenchieee 
– Keer xo

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